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Digital Printed Boat Name Wraps.

Did you know that documented boats are required by law to have boat names?

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High Quality, Custom designed, Boat Name Wraps.

Digital Printed one piece routed graphics.

We're one step ahead of the curve, with our one piece printed and die cut boat name wraps. We design print and install your new boat name in once piece, which means you can do multi colors, outlines, pictures and its just like a wrap but smaller! Want to print a picture of your favorite pet, we can do it!

Metallic colors are another great option to bring a little shine to the name, we also offer color shifting vinyl's that change colors, chrome, gold leaf, silver leaf and engine turn and options!

US Coast Guard Documented Vessel Names

Did you know that documented boat are required by law to have boat names?

Documented Vessel Names & Hailing Port.

US Coast Guard documentation is the most prestigious registration possible. It grants multiple benefits and protections, especially in foreign waters.

If you have ambitions for offshore cruising, and fishing, this may be the most important benefit of boat documentation. It gives you peace of mind when traveling, as the nationality of your vessel is obvious to other ships and coast guards you encounter.

Also, if you have any commercial ambitions for your boat, you will likely want to document it in order to legitimize your business. Here are just a few benefits of boat documentation.